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Unfortunately, none of the language functions or skills in any topic area may be successfully imparted without the nuts and bolts of language learning- forms and lexis (grammar and vocabulary). However, one of the biggest challenges to language educators over the years has been knowing exactly which forms to teach, and when to teach them, along the course of a student's language development. Fortunately for us, the EAQUALS Core Inventory and the English Vocabulary Profile have made it possible to answer these questions with unprecedented precision. However, this does not mean that we are tied to following any external reference without making our own tweaks, contributions, and even major changes. What these documents DO provide, however, is a mechanism by which we may very generally standardize the language forms and lexis in our curriculum.

The following document is a list of major grammar forms identified in the EAQUALS Core Inventory, categorized according to the level in which they are generally encountered in most CEFR-based curricula, textbooks, and schools. As you review this document and formulate feedback, please ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do any forms seem to be categorized in the wrong level considering how they have been taught at Terakki in the past?
2. Have any major forms been left out?
3. Which form descriptions need more elaboration?

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