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The first major language area featured in the TLLC is language functions. In my view, as a CEFR-based program, our primary focus is to ensure that our students gain the ability to use the English language communicatively to perform functions in the real world, whether these language activities are in the personal, public, academic, or occupational domain. Because of this, our curriculum could be described as "function-based," and the word "function" may be seen as a communicatively productive instance of language activity. Please keep this in mind as you view the following document, which is a chart featuring our program's core set of language functions, loosely organized from least to most challenging function.

Each function on the list is charted progressively from the reference level in which it is introduced, through subsequent levels in which the function is expanded, and up to the level in which no additional advancement is necessary to allow full, proficient communication within the particular function. For some functions this is achieved before the B2 level, while others have been advanced through B2 and stop there due to the limited scope of our curriculum (we do not really move into C1 or C2).

In order to give useful feedback on this document, which is also still being refined, please consider the following questions as you read through:

1. Are the functions relevant to our program? Why or why not?
2. Do any of the items listed as "functions" seem to be out of place? Why is this? Could they actually be skills that were miscategorized? Are they too specific or too general?
3. Is the language used to express attainment of each function at each reference level clear and appropriate?
4. Are there any functions that have clearly been left out?
5. Because this list was compiled from the perspective of a B1 teacher, are there any functions that come in at earlier or later levels that must be accounted for?

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