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As mentioned on the "forms" page, vocabulary instruction within a CEFR-based curriculum has been problematic over the years due to a lack of consensus in schools, textbooks, general materials, and on exams on which words should be taught at which level. We are certainly all capable of creating our own vocabulary lists according to our textbooks, or according to our own intuition, however an external tool is needed to standardize, track, and reference vocabulary. Enter the English Vocabulary Profile, which is a major project aimed at just that- providing a standardized (by CEFR level) and searchable database of vocabulary within both American and British English. The EVP is so comprehensive that it also allows us to categorize the individual MEANINGS of words according to CEFR reference level. Obviously this will be of great help to many CEFR schools, and we intend to lean on the EVP heavily as we create and refine the lexis portion of our curriculum. The Profile has just been launched and should be accessible to all Terakki teachers by some time this coming fall.

Here is a link to the EVP's preview version. Enjoy!

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