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Every language function takes place in a particular domain, whether this is personal, public, academic, or occupational. And, within each domain, we may categorize language functions as taking place within one of any number of topics. Because our curriculum is CEFR-based, we decided to use the documents on which the CEFR itself was based in order to identify general and specific topic areas in which our program's language functions and skills should be contextualized, taught/learned, and practiced.

The following list of B1 topics was taken largely from the list of general and specific notions presented in the book Threshold Level 1990, which was THE original document that later grew into the CEFR. As you review the list and formulate feedback, please consider the following questions:

1. Are each of these topic areas and specific topics appropriate for and relevant to the education of our learners?
2. Are there any topics that have been left out and should be considered at the B1 level?
3. Specifically, are there any topics (for example, technology) that should be considered due to changing general social conditions since the publication of Threshold Level 1990?

For teachers at other levels, please review the topic areas and specific topics (termed "general" and "specific notions" in the literature) in the reference documents relevant to your level, which are linked on the "References" page.


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