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Please find below a link to the yearly plan template that we intend to use this coming school year. Included on the template are columns for all of the main language aspects featured on the TLLC, and there are also columns for Materials, Supplemental ideas (which may be used to give ideas for in-class activities, for homework assignments, or for worksheets), Assessment (which may used to note exam question types covered in a particular week), Connections (interdisciplinary notes), and Follow Up (which should be used to update the plan with notes and comments on progress during the year). The second file linked below was featured in the Curriculum Prezi and shows a yearly plan completed out through the first four weeks of the year.

As you read through these documents and formulate your feedback, please consider the following questions:

1) Are all column headings relevant and appropriate? Have any areas central to the yearly planning process been left out?

2) Is the coding system understandable? If you feel it is too burdensome, please provide another viable alternative for completing the yearly plan while taking into direct account objectives in all language areas of the curriculum.

3) Should all functions, skills, topics, forms, etc. encountered in materials each week be coded on the plan, or should we select a limited number per week to focus on? If we do the latter, how may we distribute the objectives so that each is accounted for and allocated the appropriate amount of time according to its importance?

4) How will we separate objectives among grade levels within the same CEFR reference levels, or stages?

5) In the spirit of accurately recording our progress on a yearly basis, should we extend the "Follow Up" column by producing some sort of yearly report at year's end to show in detail the objectives actually reached in contrast to the yearly plan created at the beginning of the year?

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